About Mohajer

Mohajer is an app to empower Afghans in Iran—of all ages, genders, and migrant statuses—to enforce their rights and advance their communities. This app is the result of our extensive engagement working alongside the vibrant Afghan communities of Iran.

Designed to address their needs, Mohajer provides documentation tools and informative resources to support Afghans in sharing their personal experiences, understanding their rights, and accessing vital resources.

Main Features

The Get Informed feature, includes information on Iran’s immigration policy, the rights of Afghans in Iran, and resources that support victims of discrimination. Facilities and organizations that support Afghans in Iran are also listed. The Topics and Articles will continually be updated, based on requests from users and as more information is collected by our team.

The Submit Report feature, is a way for your voice to be heard, allowing you to share the real experience of Afghans in Iran. When you document your life—and tell your own story—you help fight back against prejudice and change the unfair misconceptions people have of migrants and refugees.

Our Goals

Mohajer aims to promote Afghans’ access to resources and tools that bolster their agency and confidence in demanding fair treatment. Reporting gathers evidence, collects data for analysis, and illuminates the lives of app users—thereby deterring the abuse of Afghans and improving understanding of their dynamic communities and rich culture.

Our hope is to advance Afghans’ welfare, improve their engagement with supportive groups, and combat prejudicial misconceptions against them.

Contact Us

We are a small but dedicated team, we promise to respond to you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at [email protected].